Mobiliti™ SMS Enrollment


Mobiliti™ SMS Text Messaging Enrollment

Enrolling is easy!

Log into Queenstown Bank of Maryland's Online Banking and a prompt asking you to enroll should display as soon as you have completed logging in successfully. In the event that you are not prompted, no problem! Simply click on "Profile" within Online Banking and click on "Enroll Now" under Mobile Banking Profile.

After accepting Queenstown Bank's Terms and Conditions for mobile banking, the first step of enrollment is to select which services you would like to use through Mobiliti.

  • To utilize the SMS Text Messaging service, check the box next to Text Messaging, then click continue.

The next screen will then ask you to select your time zone, what accounts you would like to access through Mobiliti and will also ask that you assign account nicknames. After choosing your time zone, simply place a check mark next to the accounts of your choosing and assign nicknames. Please note that nicknames are only used to identify accounts in text message form. For example, to receive recent transaction history on your checking account you nicknamed CHK, all you have to do is text HIST CHK to obtain the information.

When that portion has been completed, you will need to enter your mobile device number. It's important to have your phone with you to complete the enrollment process. An activation code will be sent to your device that you will need to enter on the next screen. When the activation code is received, enter it on the activation code screen and click "Activate".

The system will confirm activation, then you're all set!  

When you have completed enrollment for SMS Text Messaging through Mobiliti, you automatically have access to text banking with Queenstown Bank. You can send short code text messages to 31727 and receive account information quickly and securely. It's a simple and convenient way to get the information you need about your account.

Text any of the following short commands to 31727 to receive information about your account(s):

  • BAL = Available account balances for all accounts activated during Mobiliti enrollment.
  • ATM + Street or Zip = Nearby ATMs based on information provided.
  • BRANCH + Street or Zip = Nearby Branches based on information provided.
  • HIST + Texting Nickname = Listing of items recently posted to your account.

Reply "HELP" to 31727 for help. Reply "STOP" to 31727 to cancel. Message and data rates apply.


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